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Masks, Fins, Snorkels

White Scout Masks

Manufacturer Fourth Element

The fully customisable dive mask for every adventure, givingyou a more enhanced view and experience whever you choose to dive. 

  • Single lens frameless design
  • Angled profile to maximise field of view
  • Soft silicone skirt for optimised comfort fit
  • Comfortable elastic headband made with recycled materials
  • Easily interchangeable straps
  • Low volume protective mask case
How we perceive the underwater world is largely determined by what we see, and the mask we use is therefore the most important piece of equipment for most, if not all, scuba divers.

Diving in caves is a different experience from snorkelling in tropical seas. Likewise, diving in lower visibility, temperate waters is different from the near unlimited visibility of some blue water locations.

Fourth Element’s lens system in the SCOUT Dive Mask is designed to deliver an optimised experience for different conditions when diving – whether for underwater photographers looking to maximise the light transmission or wreck divers needing to enhance their perception of dimly lit surroundings.
Your dive adventure is unique and taking in the wonders of our underwater world requires a lens tailored specifically to your dive.

 Clarity lens  - maximising the amount of transmitted light, without any tint from impurities in the glass. The Clarity is the ideal lens for photographers and night diving.

 Contrast lens -  filtering out some of the mid-range wavelengths of light in the visible spectrum, the contrast lens has a green apperance. the contrast lens provides full UVA and UVB protecyion from harmful ultraviolet which can damage the retina.

 Enhance lens -  Filtering out Ultraviolet and HEV radiation, the Enhance lens is designed to protect the eye and ehance the visual experience.

 Shield lens - inspired by the gold visors of nasa astronauts, the shield lens provide UV protection and reduces glare. Ideal for tropical diving and snorkling.