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Booster Pumps

C2X booster

Manufacturer MPS Technology

This model is recommended for technical divers , CCR divers and boats. The two-stage booster with its lower driving air consumption is particularly suited for professional use and for diving centers.




Body: ergal, stainless steel 316, brass ot 58

Seals: fkm, ecopur, teflon, composit

Overcooled head and cylinder



Pressure ratio: 25/1

Drive air: 9-10    bar

Piston stroke: 2 x 60 mm

Displacement: 2 x 20 cc

Max boost pressure: 340 bar

Min suction pressure: 5 bar

Min pumping speed: 15 cycles/minute

Max pumping speed: 140 cycles/minute

Weight: 14 kg

Dimensions: 46 x 12 x 18 cm


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