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Booster Pumps

C2 booster Pump

Manufacturer MPS Technology

Booster for sports diving, particularly recommended CCR divers.

Thanks to its high performance, reliability and safety, this model can also be used for larger cylinder sizes and small groups of divers.


Even if used for a long time, its unique design makes that the temperature does not increase.

This allows filling to be done safely.



Body: ergal, stainless steel 316, brass ot 58

Seals: fkm, ecopur, teflon, composit

Overcooled head and cylinder



Pressure ratio: 25/1

Drive air: 9-10 bar

Piston stroke: 60 mm

Displacement: 20 cc

 Max boost pressure: 340 bar

Min suction pressure: 5 bar

Min pumping speed: 15 cycles/minute

Max pumping speed: 140 cycles/minute

Weight: 9kg

Dimensions: 32x18x12 cm


 For price and availability email or phone us on 0414926374