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Light Monkey Helmet

Manufacturer Light Monkey

Product Code : 10.300.006

Light Monkey Helmets 

‚ÄčYou won’t find any foam in the Light Monkey helmets; they use an adjustable suspension similar to a construction helmet. These helmets are available in one size that fits most. The size range is 20 to 23 inches (52 to 58 cm).  The helmet includes an adjustable chin strap of soft nylon webbing with a quick disconnect buckle.

Please be advised: the helmets offer minimal impact protection and act more as a bump cap than a climbing helmet. The greatest advantage of the Light Monkey helmet is its suitability for mounting backup lights for easy access, or LED primary lights to free up your hands. Even better, it’s perfect for mounting a GoPro® camera!





Line Arrow

Dry cavers were using directional markers long before there were any cave divers. Today, cave and wreck penetration divers from all around the world use line arrows to mark the direction of the closest exit.

$ 1.50

Line Cookie

Sometimes a directional marker (line arrow) is not the proper marker to leave -- Non-directional cookies mark a specific place on the line, but do not give directional information.

$ 2.00

Light Monkey 400 Reel


Light Monkey Primary Reels are equally at home surveying your favorite wreck or dumping line in virgin cave passage. 

$ 255.00