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Dive Computers

Swift Transmitter

Manufacturer Shearwater

  • Compatible with Shearwater Perdix-AI, Teric, and NERD2 computer
  • Wireless transmission of tank pressure to your computer
  • Robust signal interference avoidance system
  • Rated for depth up to  200 m
  • Includes user replaceable CR2 photo battery


The SWIFT tank pressure wireless transmitter is compatible with the current firmware release of those specific models of Shearwater Research brand dive computers that support hoseless air integration. This includes the Shearwater Perdix-AI, Teric and NERD 2 model dive computers but does NOT include the Shearwater NERD 1, Petrel, Peregrine or Perdix without the AI designation.

A key feature of the SWIFT is an active interference avoidance system that allows multiple transmitters to work together.

The transmitter is rated for depth up to 200 m, and has a user replaceable and widely available CR2 photo battery. The battery life is approximately 300 dive hours or five years of storage. The Shearwater brand dive computers will display a low battery warning that indicates the transmitter number approximately 20 hours before the transmitter battery needs to be replaced. Each transmitter has its own unique ID and up to four transmitters can be linked to compatible Shearwater model dive computers. Shearwater has determined that as many as twenty SWIFT transmitters can operate in proximity to each other without signal interference.


The transmitter screws in to a high-pressure (HP) port of the first stage regulator mounted on the tank to be monitored. The transmitter uses the 38kHz radio frequency to signal data. An antenna inside the dive computer receives the RF data when it is positioned within 1.8 m  of the transmitter and within a zone parallel or at a 45 degree angle to the transmitter. Best reception is achieved when the dive computer and transmitter are within  0.9 m  of each other.

The LED status indicator will flash green when a transmission is sent and flash red if an interfering signal is detected. During a dive you may at times move the dive computer so that is out of the signal pattern of the transmitter, resulting in a temporary interruption of the link. The link may also be interrupted if the dive computer is within 0.9 m  of a running DPV or after a strobe light flashes. The link will be restored within 5 seconds after the dive computer is reoriented, moved back into range, or the RF noise clears. For technical diving, following the best practice of also including a standard analog SPG on the regulator as a backup.

In rare cases, the body of some first stage regulator designs will have hose ports oriented such there is not room to accept a wireless tank pressure transmitter without interfering with hose routing. The solution is to use a standoff adapter, or some divers prefer to use a short HP hose pigtail (do not forget the required Air Spool) in place of the standoff.

† The Shearwater SWIFT transmitter is backwards compatible with all pre-existing Shearwater air-integrated computers (when updated with the current firmware release), as well as their original legacy transmitter (OEM from PPS, Pelagic Pressure Systems FCC ID = MH-8A). The SWIFT is likely to work with those specific models of Aqualung, Aeris, Hollis, Oceanic, Sherwood, and Tusa brand dive computers that also support hoseless air integration with PPS transmitters having the same FCC ID = MH-8A number. However, compatibility with other brands of dive computers is not guaranteed by Shearwater and  unable to provide support for connectivity to other brands of dive computers. The SWIFT transmitter is NOT compatible with Garmin brand dive computers.

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