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BCD's, Wings & Harnesses

Dive Rite EXP Rec Pack

Manufacturer Dive Rite

The Rec EXP Package is perfect for those who want a single system that allows you to dive both singles and doubles. All you need to do is choose the correct size TransPac harness, and you're done! See individual products for specifications and description. The unique modular design of the package allows you to customise the BC System to suit your style of diving - add accessories as you need to.

Package includes:

  • TransPac XT Harness with tank straps in your chosen size
  • Rec EXP Wing
  • 1.5" Crotch Strap
  • Six large D-rings on Large to XXL harness
  • Four large D-rings on Small to Med harness
  • Stab Plates for twin Tanks



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DR Surface Markers

Rebreather divers and open circuit divers alike will appreciate our hybrid Surface Marker Tube. An oral/power inflator makes inflation simple for rebreather divers who do not have easy access to a regulator for inflation.

$ 149.00

Dive Rite Thigh Pocket

Dive Rites new Thigh Pocket includes an innovative leg band made of a proprietary material used in bandages. The material holds up to salt water and dries quickly, plus silicone strips placed on the inside of the band grip your exposure suit and keep the leg band in place.

$ 99.00

Sidemount 2 Zip Bellows Pocket

Adding the Bellows Horizontal Zip Pocket w/Daisy Chain (AC3204XL) to your diving rig allows you to bring everything you need on a dive and takes the worry out of losing your valuable gear.

$ 89.00

Vertical Zip Pocket

Adding the Bellows Vertical Zip Pocket  (AC3203) to your diving rig allows you to bring everything you need on a dive and takes the worry out of losing your valuable gear.

$ 68.00

TransPac Stab Plates

The stainless steel TransPac Stabilizing Plates firmly secure a TransPac to any set of double tanks that use industry-standard bands and bolts. They are curved to fit the spacing of double tanks, and are the only item needed to connect a TransPac harness and a wing to a set of double tanks.

$ 20.00

Assembly Screws

The stainless steel assembly screws are used for attaching various accessories to a TransPac harness or to a hard backplate (such as lift bag pouches, suit inflation mounting systems and sidemount buttplates).

 Sold as a set of two.

$ 20.00

BCD Cleaner

BCD. Cleaner is a complete, scientifically balanced maintenance system for all types of B.C.D.s. Regular cleaning leaves B.C.D. shell, interior lining, hose and valves conditioned and free of damaging salt crystals, chlorine and organic residue. 

$ 12.00

Dive Rite 20Ib Pockets

20lb Quick Buckle Weight Pocket set. Designed for use on the TransPac harness, they can be worn vertically or horizontally with each pocket holding up to 8 lbs of weight securely in position throughout the dive.

$ 170.00

Dive Rite 32lb Pockets

The 32lb Quick Lock & Release (QLR) Weight Pocket set consist of an insert pocket that easily releases when the handle is pulled and a holster that stays securely on the waist belt. Worn vertically, each pocket holds up to 16 lbs. of weight securely in position throughout the dive.

$ 190.00

DR Travel Weight Pocket

Pocket holds up to 4lbs of weight, which is ideal for those traveling to warm water destinations or divers who add weight to tanks for trim purposes. With a small footprint of 3 inches x 4 inches (7.6cm x 10cm), you'll hardly know it's there.

$ 40.00