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Pinnacle Dove 7/5

Manufacturer Pinnacle

Pinnacle Dove 7/5 Semidry Ex Demo unit -Small Female. 

Is in excellent condition

The Pinnacle Dove 7/5 Semidry has been designed specifically around the female form. The unique high stretch warmbase lining in the shoulders, torso and spine pad provides more warmth, comfort and odour control than any other type of wetsuit lining material. Warmbase is truly the highest performing, most luxurious way to line a wetsuit and you will only find it on a Pinnacle suit.

Elastiprene High-Stretch
the Pinnacle Dove semidry is without doubt the warmest and most comfortable high-stretch suit currently available. No longer must divers choose between a comfortable stretch suit and a warm durable suit, with its 4 way stretch the revolutionary Dove gives you both.

YKK Flex Seal Zip
the new generation waterproof TiZip offers complete water resistance and is far easier to slide open and close. Comes with a free TiZip lube.

Hyper-Reflex elbow & knee panel
an 8mm contoured superstretch panel crushed down to 5mm in the dips of the elbows & knees offers excellent fold, flex and stretch whilst still offering the warmth of a 7mm panel.

Lycra seat
a 7mm panel in a rib knit lycra offers the optimum in two way stretch - sideways stretch over the hip, and vertical stretch when bending, sitting and crouching. The hardy rib knit lycra also has excellent wear and abrasion resistance, needed in such a high wear area.

Knee Panels
a highly tear and abrasion resistant knee panel called "Armotex" and a tuftex outer knee pad offers an excellent combination of stretch - with abrasion, cutting and impact resistance.

Semidry Seals
smoothskin ankle and wrist seals and a roll down collar prevent water flow through the suit helping to create a true Semidry and keeping you luxuriously warm.


Ex Demo unit


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