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Navigator Mask

Manufacturer Fourth Element

The Fourth Element Navigator Mask is a twin lens mask with an excellent field of view. The tempered glass lenses are shaped to match your natural field of view for an unobstructed dive.

It comes with a standard silicone mask strapand a  Fourth Element mask case

The case is a re-usable half-shell on one side and a soft Lycra side that holds your mask securely and protects it during transport and storage.



Fourth Element Lenses

Clarity is a higher grade of glass that has fewer impurities. The pure glass presents a better view of colours for a more vivid experience. The clear lenses are perfect for photographers and Instructors so that you can see better and students can see your eyes also.

Enhance is a protecting lens that filters out UV and HEV radiation. High Energy Visible light can damage your eyes over time so, filtering them out protects your eye health. Best for diving in bright conditions to protect your eyes from harm.

Recommended Accessories

Elastic Strap, Fourth Element Mask Strap is an upgrade from the standard silicone mask strap and fits most diving masks. Made from recycled Nylon and ABS plastic, the elastic strap is more comfortable than a standard strap because it doesn't stick and tangle your hair.




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Sea Buff

Specially formulated dive mask precleaner and slate cleaner. Sea Buff carefully removes residue left on new dive mask lenses by the manufacturing process and prepares the surface for the first application of Sea Drops™ or Sea Gold™ anti-fog formulas.


$ 10.00

Sea Drops

Safe for all glass and plastic lenses-will not harm surrounding silicone or rubber support frames. Sea Drops are designed for maximum dive mask defogging and quick, easy, in-field application. Also excellent for ski goggles, eye glasses, face masks, binoculars and telescopes. Not recommended for swim goggles.


$ 10.00