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Omniswivel MB-Z2

Manufacturer Omniswivel

Product Code : MB-Z2

OmniSwivel International, this Y-block provides the ability to split a single low pressure supply line to service two devices such as BC, drysuit, and second stage regulator. Comes standard configured with two 3/8-inch female ports and a 9/16-inch female port. Install a 9/16-inch male to 3/8-inch female adapter for use with a 3/8-inch M-M low pressure hose. Install a 9/16-inch male-male union for use with a standard low pressure hose with the typical 9/16-inch female fitting.



  • split a single LP supply line to service two devices
  • Has two 3/8-inch ports and one 9/16-inch port
  • Allows use of one hose for BC and drysuit