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Dive Torches & Accessories

Dive Rite Light Parts

Manufacturer Dive Rite

We don't have technical specifications on these parts. Support on component parts is not something Tecdivegear is qualified to provide because we don't build lights.

The Solution - Part I: Send your canister light to us for repair. Our experience has been our manufacturers do a GREAT job of customer service on light repairs and their prices for out-of-warranty repairs are excellent.

The Solution - Part II: You just want to buy canister light component parts because you don't want to send the light for factory repair. We'll sell them to you; but these items are sold with special terms of: NO warranty, NO return, NO support and no exceptions. Your complete satisfaction is our goal, so please consider carefully before ordering canister light component parts.


If there is a part you need and it is not listed email us as we have more parts than we can list.


Canister O Rings

DR-LT6311    $1.50     O-Ring, Wreck Lid/Canister

DR-LT6015    $3.60     O-Ring, Slimline Lid/Canister

Compact MRII Head Parts

DR-LT6239     $16.00     Lens, for MR11 / RX17

DR-LT6262     $1.50     O-Ring, Sealing for MR11 /RX17

DR-LT6312     $1.50     O-Ring, Retaining for MR11 / RX17

DR-LT6316     $1.50     O-Ring Cushioning





DR-LT6108    $10.00   Bulb MR-16 12v  75w

DR- LT6132   $10.00   Bulb H-1 12v 50w

DR-LT6133    $10.00   Bulb H-1 12v 100w

DR-LT6504   $35.00    Buld HID 21w

Canister Parts

DR-LT6017 Flex   $22.00   Sealing Gland w/Strain Relief

DR-LT6092        $8.00   Switch Boot    

DR-LT6096        $12.00   Toggle Switch   

 DR-LT6018       $10.00   Cannister clip


DR-PR9505     $4.50/foot  Cable sold per ft/305mm                                                


Light Accessories

DR-LT6253        $20.00  H-1 Reflector

DR-LT6270        $30.00  H-1 Video Reflector

DR-LT6266       $10.00  Video Saddle -  H10/H24/H50 Light Assy.