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Scuba Diving Packages

Transplate Singles Kit

Manufacturer Dive Rite

A hybrid harness designed for divers who want the support of a backpack-style harness for better weight-load distribution, yet wish to dive a hard metal backplate. Designed like a mountaineer's backpack, the Transplate harness disperses weight across the hips and back, minimizing shoulder strain. When used with a 6-pound steel backplate, divers can remove or minimize weight pockets. Adjustable straps adapt to a wide variety of exposure suits and means easy donning and doffing. The modular design allows for customization with a wide variety of pockets and accessories.

Available in sizes M to XXL.

Made in the U.S.A.

 Kit Includes:

1 x Standard Stainless Steel Backplate 

1 x Dive Rite Transplate Harness

1 x Croth Strap

2 x Cam Straps 

1 x  EXP Voyager Wing 


 The XT AOW Regulator is perfect for the diver who values streamlining for their own diving pleasure as well as to protect the environment. Worn a bit differently than standard recreational regulators, the XT AOW Regulator places the primary regulator on a longer hose that is stowed neatly under the divers arm. The primary regulator is typically the regulator an out of air diver will reach for in an emergency and the longer hose allows both divers comfort during descent. The secondary second stage is stowed on a necklace where it can be easily reached by the donating diver.

A right angle adapter on the primary regulator provides comfort and proper hose routing. Gauges can be clipped to a belt, BCD or worn through the epaulet for easier viewing.


Technical Details

  • XT1 Din First Stage
  • XT2 Second Stage, Black trim
  • XT2 Second Stage, Yellow trim
  • 40-inch LP hose
  • 22-inch LP hose
  • Right angle regulator adapter
  • Regulator necklace
  • 2-inch SPG with 32-inch hose
  • Small swivel bolt snap
  • Hose clip retainer
  • Regulator Bag Included




Singles Mounting Plate

For divers who frequently switch between double tank and single tank rigs, our single tank adapter is a convenient way to attach cam straps to a hard metal backplate that does not have tank band slots.

$ 89.00

Assembly Screws

The stainless steel assembly screws are used for attaching various accessories to a TransPac harness or to a hard backplate (such as lift bag pouches, suit inflation mounting systems and sidemount buttplates).

 Sold as a set of two.

$ 20.00

Backplate Lumbar Pad

The XT Backplate Pad's high-tech design consists of molded foam contoured in all the right places to prevent uncomfortable pokes and prods when wearing a metal backplate.

$ 119.00

Dive Rite 32lb Pockets

The 32lb Quick Lock & Release (QLR) Weight Pocket set consist of an insert pocket that easily releases when the handle is pulled and a holster that stays securely on the waist belt. Worn vertically, each pocket holds up to 16 lbs. of weight securely in position throughout the dive.

$ 190.00

Dive Rite 20Ib Pockets

20lb Quick Buckle Weight Pocket set. Designed for use on the TransPac harness, they can be worn vertically or horizontally with each pocket holding up to 8 lbs of weight securely in position throughout the dive.

$ 170.00

12LB Weight System

The 12 lb Quick Release (QR) Weight Pocket Set is a simple and streamlined system for ditchable weight.

$ 110.00