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Dive Torches & Accessories

Video Diffuser

Manufacturer Dive Rite

Product Code : LT6001

Using  your corded or handheld primary light for underwater video? If so, then you’ll want to add a light diffuser to your video equipment bag. The video light diffuser widens the beam angle of light, which prevents hotspots and evenly distributes light across your subject. It also helps to reduce shadows, allows for better contrast, and stops any overpowering of light in any one area. Using the video diffuser allows you to take better video right from the start with little added expense.

The Video Diffuser for Primary Lights is compatible with LX20 handheld and LX25  corded primary lights. It also works with most of Dive Rite's older fixed focus lights, including the RX and MR11 series.

The video diffuser can easily be attached and removed underwater and stays secured to your light with the provided lanyard.



Material: Machined Delrin

LT6001 is Compatible with: LX20, LX25, HP50, RX, and MR11 lights

LT6001-BX/CX  is Compatible with BX2 and CX2

Attachment: Slide on over light head

Secures to light when not in use: Via provided lanyard