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rEvo Rebreather

rEvo Rebreather

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The rEvo rebreather is the brainchild of Paul Raymaekers, and is available in a number of configurations, which include different models, different electronics packages, and different case materials.  

The rEvo III was designed and released to meet CE specifications. The rEvo III is available in several different versions, in which the main differences are size and weight.

Configure Your Own rEvo

You can now configure your own rEvo Rebreather to match your own style of diving, directly from the rEvo website. Simply choose the base model you would like to start with. 

     There are several options with a rEvo and three sizes to choose from, Standard, Mini and Micro. The Micro is only available in Titanium but the Mini and Standard are Stainless Steel with Titanium as an option.

    Size does matter, as does weight. A larger person may be able to comfortably dive all three sizes where as a slight person may find the larger unit just too negative.

    Even the Standard Stainless Steel rEvo is lightweight compared to diving open circuit scuba and because of the design it requires very little additional weight, if any at all.

    Weight is important as it can always be added but not that easily removed. With rEvo rebreathers you can choose to have a unit made from titanium.

    With rEvo you have a choice of Manual or Hybrid control. The manual rebreather has several options for monitoring. The Hybrid is a combination of Manual and Electronic and can do either. There are also different packages with the electronics – Shearwater Predator computer / controller or Shearwater Petrel computer / controller, with or without rMS (rEvo Monitoring System) and rEvo Dreams.

  • To order your rEvo or arrange training please  contact us on 0413429533

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