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Dive Rite QRM

Manufacturer Dive Rite

The Quick Release Mount system is standard on all new Dive Rite lights, and can be retro-fitted to previous models of Dive Rite lights (with the two mounting holes on the bottom of the head). The QRM uses a system of rollers and bands to easily clip a light head into the mount. The system is made up of two rollers, one fixed and one moving, joined together by a pair of heavy duty EPDM o-rings, all on a receiver plate. When the striker on the light is pushed against the front, moving roller or the receiver plate, the EPDM rings allow the front roller to move forward. Placing the striker into the channel of the receiver plate, pressing forward against the front roller and releasing, the EPDM rings will retract, securely holding both sides of the striker under the rollers. To release the light head, simply push forward on the light head. The EPDM rings will stretch, the front roller moves forward, and lift up on the back of the light head. The strikers on the light head will be free from the rollers.

Want more options to mount a light? The QRM system receiver and striker are available for your unique application. Additional QRM receivers give the option to move the light from the handmount to a helmet or DPV mount with ease. Additional QRM strikers can be used on alternate or backup lights for the option of using different lights on the same handmount or receiver.