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Optima Rebreather

O2ptima CCR Rebreather

Manufacturer Dive Rite

Product Code : #SW-1


The O2ptima evolution continues. Now featuring an all new rear-mounted counterlung design that greatly reduces work of breathing, the O2ptima has become one of the most streamlined CCR packages on the market. Utilizing Divesoft’s BOV, gas management is now as simple as possible. With its horizontal scrubber, the O2ptima boasts an extremely short breathing loop improving performance, safety, and diver comfort.



The O2ptima CCR is powered by Shearwater electronics. Utilizing Shearwater’s DiveCan technology, the O2ptima comes standard with a Petrel 2 controller and an independent Heads-up Display (HUD). The standard HUD can also be replaced by Shearwater’s NERD computer.

The controller and HUD have separate control boards, housings and power supplies. Redundancy is separation with as few shared components as possible. The O2ptima uses four Analytical Industries PSR-11-39-MD cells (sometimes called R22 cells).Three cells are in the voting logic for the controller. The controller looks at three cells and uses the two cells with the closest reading to fire the solenoid. The fourth cell is the number three position on the HUD so there is one cell out of the voting logic loop. 

Available 2nd Quarter of 2018, O2ptimas manufactured after October 2017 will be compatible with Analytical Industries’ Digital O2sensors. These new sensors offer several new benefits including: warning for use past expiry date, advanced warning for sensor ordering, and monitoring for early sensor failure.



1. Redundant Shearwater DiveCAN electronics including Heads-Up Display (HUD) and Petrel 2 controller


2.Back mounted counterlungs with 6.5 Liter loop volume

3. Dual use scrubber canister design can be used with Micropore ExtendAir SR-081C cartridges or packed with 5lbs of 812 mesh loose granular CO2 absorbent

4. Divesoft BOV + ADV + MAVs standard (all-in-one Bail Out Valve with Automatic Diluent Valve and Manual Add Valves for O2 and diluent)

5. Dual water traps

6. XT1 or FT1 first stage oxygen and diluent regulators

7. (4) AI R22 Oxygen Sensors

8. CCR XT air cell utilizing abrasion resistant SuperFabric

9. Kydex hard cover for abrasion protection

10. Stainless Steel and StarBoard frame and stand

11. AL 20 oxygen and diluent cylinders with valves standard

12. Compatible Cylinders: AL 13, AL 20, AA LP 27, AA HP 32, AA LP 13

13. Dive Rite TransPac Harness (Transplate harness optional)

14. Weight: 37lbs without tanks or scrubbing material

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