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We specialize in Advanced Recreational and Technical Scuba Diving Equipment including catering for all your backmount, sidemount, cave diving and CCR rebreather needs.

Tecdivegear are authorised distributors for all the scuba diving brands we sell including  Dive Rite, Shearwater, Faber, Pinnacle, Light Monkey, Fourth Element, Analox, Omniswivel and more. All with full manufacturers warranty.

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BCD's, Wings & Harnesses
BCD Accessories, Pockets
Dive Computers
Dive Torches & Accessories
Scuba Diving Packages
Sidemount & Accessories
Drysuits & Undergarments
Analox Analysers
Optima Rebreather
rEvo Rebreather
AP Diving Rebreathers & Spare Parts
SF-2  Rebreather
JJ CCR Rebreather
Gauges, Hoses, Regulator Access.
Reels and Spools
Tools, Lift Bags, Slates
Masks, Fins, Snorkels
GoPro Camera's & Accessories
Wetsuits, Lavacore, Boots & Gloves
Stainless Hardware & Clips
Spearguns & Accessories
Accessories & Batteries
Tanks, Valves & Bands
Bags, Dry, Catch, Reg
Bargain Basement
Diving Trips

CL2300 Canister LED


Analox Trimix Analyser


Fourth Element Hood 3mm


Ocean Hunter Apeks Mask


ANO D703


Mako Fins